From the Pastor's Pen


A Message from Pastor Marylyn Doyle

July: To the Faithful in the Hawker Congregation:


What good news! Come Fall, the Reverend David Williamson will be your settled pastor. I know this has been a long process but the responsible work of your dedicated Search Committee has brought you to this conclusion. For their fine work we thank each member as they read profile after profile until the right fit was found. Though they may not have felt it, the Spirit has, indeed, has been with them as they read just one more profile and discussed the possibilities.


But God is not finished with you yet. This is no time to relax and let someone else do it. The years of short term and interim pastors are a gift to you; yes, a gift. I watch how many people of Hawker take responsibility for a small part of the work of the church; these small parts make this a whole congregation dedicated to their purpose of being church. You work together so well. That is a gift, too. Have you read your mission statement recently?


The mission of Hawker United Church of Christ is to share the Gospel of God's love by the stewardship of our lives in education, outreach, fellowship, caring, and worship. Our Mission is to bring Help, Hope, and Home to a hurting world through Jesus Christ.

A gift, a resounding yes. This long struggle has honed you into a loving, cohesive collection of people. You have become ‘church’ in the finest sense of the word...a gift not many congregations have.


God is still speaking as you think about what is to come:

Save what is good about your history, re-think what is not working in the 21st century, and vision what could be as you engage each other ‘in house’ and the world outside your doors. Many of you have heard me challenge the we’ve-always-done-it-that-way which might not work anymore as you look into the future for Hawker church. Take what is good from your long history and re-think what needs to be changed. Look up Proverbs 29:18 in the KJV.


Change? Yes, change. Each day, I continue to learn that life is one-big-learning-curve and that is how life should be. We mustn’t be afraid of stimulates our brain and teaches us new things of what could be. God’s persistent challenge to us is to be transformed into who God expects us to be. Then live out that life as a person and a congregation.

God is still with us, guiding, cajoling, loving us into the future. God is still speaking this very day.


~~~Pastor Marylyn












































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