If you love something, take good care of it.


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There is a wonderful parable in Mathew 25 about a master who wanted to see how his servants used their talents.  One spent them, one buried them, and one invested them. Although the Talent was a unit of Roman money, this story can be interpreted either way, about prudent use of money or skills. A community needs both.


nurturing bwAn outreach-focused church will always have goals about how to best serve the community with big plans that cost time and money to bring to fruition. While tithing is not a requirement of being a member at Hawker United Church of Christ, we recognize that big plans require the combined talents (in all forms) of a large number of people. For some people, financial support is the best way to contribute to the goals. For others, the volunteer time is a better match, on one of our many commissions or committees. Yet others have the ability to contribute musical skills to enhance our worship service. Together, we can accomplish big goals and appreciate each other’s contributions of time and talents.


Another aspect of stewardship has become increasingly important in our church as well. Part of leaving the world a little better than you found it is taking care of the environment. How do we jump off the “live large” train and live sustainably? Part of the answer to this question is to discuss with others what has worked with their families. See what works for you, and then share your knowledge with others in the community; together, we can provide an example for others to follow.














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