baptism babe and waterWe are delighted that you are considering Christian Baptism for yourself or for your child. Baptism is one of 2 sacraments recognized by our church (the other is communion or the Lord’s Supper). Baptism is a visible sign of God’s invisible grace and is an official welcoming of a child or adult into Christian community. For this reason, we conduct baptisms publicly in our sanctuary on specially designated Sunday mornings, rather than privately. Parents who wish to have their child baptized in the church should first give serious consideration as to whether they intend to raise their child with the support and nurturance of on-going Christian community.

baptism baby hand and cross sepia shadowDuring the baptism, parents and sponsors/godparents will make promises to both the child and to the community of faith, and we, likewise, will covenant to provide Christian instruction and nurture for your child. Because we take these promises seriously, we ask you to give thoughtful consideration to your relationship with the local church with which your family intends to affiliate. That said, you do not have to become a member of our church to have your child baptized here or to receive baptism yourself.

Those who desire infant dedication instead of baptism for inter-faith or other reasons are also welcome to speak with the Pastor at (937) 426-0973


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